(The Original Craft Beer Band)

The Firkins have been on hiatus just like the rest of the world due to the covid pandemic however we have been plugging away at recording each of these craft beer related songs and have a few unfinished/unmastered songs here for your listening pleasure.

Adventures @ Bootleggers - 

A song about all the wonderful times we had playing at Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton. We played at their original location on Richman a few times, (Fact) Gloria and I were their for their soft grand opening and have been fans ever since. We also played at many of their anniversary parties and their location in Downtown Fullerton.

Danny our guitar player was photobombing just about everyone who was posing for a picture one night and then later disappeared as we were tearing down the equipment.

I could write a book about all the funs times we've had at Bootleggers.

Victory at Sea - A song that references one of the most delicious ales available if you are like me and like to drink Imperial Porters.